heidelberg bilingual school

to both German and English and not be left behind? The Heidelberg Private School Center (HPC) is part of the FU group of companies founded in 1980. Here, the students can choose between the regular, the sports, or the bilingual focus and thus pursue their school career in accordance with their aptitudes and abilities. We speak English at home. Can you please help me with the following info (I searched, but didn't get good hits. In addition, the state-approved school at the HPC has manageable class sizes and well-balanced daily schedules with many opportunities to engage in exercise. Subsequent to the bilingual elementary school, the HPC also secures a spot at their own private middle school.

Because Europe and the world are growing closer together, foreign language acquisition as early as childhood has become particularly important. Are there any public bilingual schools in these cities (HD, FFT, Darmstadt)? The company's longtime experience in the pedagogical field guarantees a good start for the bilingual elementary school. Are there German language training schools for such young kids (5.5 yrs) who work in summer? The focus lies especially with speaking and playful interaction with the foreign language. German, math, and religion are taught in German. I have two kids who will be nearly 6 and 2 by the time they join me in March 2015. With this pedagogical concept, the schoolchildren dive into a so-called language bath.