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lets look at the second quarter (top right). Credits 30 Download images on-demand (1 credit 1). The blue Panther was the official sign of the palsgrave of Ortenburg. Wikipedia explains it the best: The escutcheon of white and blue oblique fusils was originally the coat of arms of the Counts of Bogen, adopted in 1247 by the House of Wittelsbach. Similar Images, related Searches. Then lets have a look in the first quarter (top left) of the coat of arms. The Bavarian coat of arms. So here we go explaining: Bavaria consists of seven districts, the so called Regierungsbezirke which can be translated to gouvernmental district or administrative district.

Unused downloads automatically roll into following month. International Non-European Civic Heraldry 4282 images, coats of arms and flags of non-European countries; over 1800 images. This is called the Franconian Rake. When you look close, youll notice that the TV-Show producers used the official Bavarian coat of arms as random medieval flag.

Every district also has its own Gouvernment, but actually these district gouvernments dont have any power. Royalty Free Vectors, of Vectors, license, learn More. Licensed under Public domain via. National and state seals and flags; coats of arms of cities, states and provinces in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, etc. Read on to get to know the meanings. For example here: The franconian rake is bottom right, the golden lion is top right, the blue panther is completely missing and the middle shield was transferred to the top left corner. This represents the three districts of Upper, Lower and Middle Franconia. The middle part where all districts are shown is crowned with a so called peoples crown. This part represents the district of Upper Palatinate (and in former times the district Palatinate). Now the third quarter (bottom left).

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