axis sonic hammer beater review

piece of equipment is at a gig, and last night I did my first gig with the SH, in a room that required me to hit as hard as I prefer. Electronics: 1 tone, 1 volume and 1 toggle switch, for simplest and most direct control over your guitar. The weight just wasn't there at the hammer. Inlays: Discrete elegance, finish: The timeless beauty of a well aged burst. So in the future I will consider how fallible my precious stupid "logic" actually. Originally Posted by, slipknot1, the main idea behind the, sonic Hammers is the ability to adjust the beater head to impact the bass drum batter head perpendicular for more punch and most importantly, to overcome the lack of adjustibility of Axis pedals.

Axis sonic hammer beater review
axis sonic hammer beater review

Not that I am comparing myself to Edison, but I do like that attitude. Just because I think something "should" be better, well that just wasn't so in this particular implantologe wolfsburg case. So seeing as the words "Sonic Hammer" is part of this thread title, this is for the people in the future searching for info on this particular product. In other words, I didn't have to "keep it down the room was big enough with plenty of people. This thread is dedicated to that wonderful gentleman, Henri, aka MAD. For those who have followed my "adjustable bass drum beater" thread, this is basically an extension of that, but I wanted to start a new thread, because there's not a whole lot of dedicated info about the Sonic Hammer. Unlike Iron Cobra's, there is no independant beater/pedal board adjustment on Axis Pedals. I thought would be a good at I wouldn't have to work as hard. Thanks for letting me sound like a tool and allowing me prove it beautifully, publicly, for all to chuckle. Neck: Comfortable, fast and historic, fingerboard: Traditional tone, solid feel and incredible sustain. New Restock From 1,299.00 831.36, select a Style and Condition, quantity.

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