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This poster also has the word Hamburg below Anton's signature. These are two original oil paintings by Anton. Harald Damsleth - he did a number of outstanding posters for Waffen-SS recruiting in Norway. One thing for collectors to note is Anton's signature. Sie sei kurze Zeit später in einem Krankenhaus gestorben. Besides his Waffen-SS posters he is probably best known for his two spectacular Zeppelin posters - one on the Hindenburg and one on the Graf Zeppelin. He was imprisoned for several years after being tried for treason at the end of the war, but he too had a successful graphics art career. His SS Number is 283804.

These are highly prized by both aviation and travel collectors and regularly sell at high prices. Also see below about this brochure). He died in 1971. The poster at #17 features the Steam Ship "St Louis" which became infamous when it took 937 Jewish refugees from Hamburg to Cuba in July 1939. A whimsical childrens book with dozens of illustrations to match. I have not dr facius salzgitter been able to find any Anton posters past the 1950's and I believe he retired from commercial work in this period.

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