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Amewu aka Halbgot Amewu is a hip-hop artist born in Berlin -Charlottenburg. As for the mainstream, politicians weighed in too, with Green party chairman Cem Özdemir calling the comment conflagration absurd. One connoisseur of the scene suggested that Hengzt had hoped to provoke such a reaction all along. Their lyrics cover a range of topics, from the political to the light-hearted. His key role now appears to be mobilizing Salafists in German-speaking countries to join. Bushido is often in the media not just for his music but for the controversies he causes. When it came to other rappers, they were largely in favour. Peter Fox Peter Balgorry, better known as Peter Fox, is a rapper and reggae singer from Berlin, and also member of the reggae band Seeed. He answered some of those accusations with Wilkommen Provokationensmöglichkeit, a welcome opportunity to provoke. Sido, paul Würdig, known as, sido, is a German rapper linked to the independent label.

Berlin.He is part of the group.i.d.S.
But is also a solo performer.
His nickname stands for superintelligentes drogenopfer (super intelligent victim of drugs).

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Berlin, linked to the Universal label. He received the award for the Best Album of 2009 with his 1live and two platinum discs for his album Stadtaffe in 2008. Since 2013, he has also established his own line of clothing with his fashion brand Maskulin. Another man in the video explains in Arabic that the victims, one who died by gunshot and the other by beheading, were members of Syria's al-Sheitaat tribe, a group of about 70,000 Sunnis who have been fighting IS since July. They are also a symbol of Berlin because they like to draw in crowds for their concerts, often instigating impromptu performances. Bushido is also the manager of the label Ersguterjunge.

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