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when finished, it is tough, highly wear resistant and has a high degree of edge retention. Aside from that long workstation table, there is a nice and quiet terrace and plenty of other seating inside. . Vom Biedermeierkaminfeuer bis zum Vollautomaten war es ein weiter Weg, der mit den heute beliebten Kapseln und Pads noch lange nicht ans Ziel gelangt ist. It is funny I stumbled upon this place because it was the same cafe that Allison at Eternal Arrival told me to check out, but I never could make the correlation between the Cyrillic and the English name (they have everything written in Cyrillic outside. To sum things up, Chuckys has some of the very best coffee in Sofia. The next time I am in Sofia, I will be able to visit Fabrika Daga 2! . From Barista Coffee and More is actually located close to Fabrika Daga, so you can kill two birds with one stone like I did on a daily basis. Note: When I am on the road, I always bring a Keep Cup with me and an Aeropress with all of its accessories. .

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Fabrika Daga can be found. Geschichte reich an Innovation, die Geschichte des Kaffees ist reich an Innovationen. Before I get started, I should mention that I visited some of these cafes like thirty times. . The gourmet products they sell were delicious every time I purchased one. . The atmosphere was social, friendly, and everyone inside seemed happy. . Aber naturgemäß liegt das Gewicht im schicken Berliner Avantgarde-Restaurant nicht auf diesem Improvisationsgetränk, sondern eher darauf, was wir in Zukunft essen werden. One of my favorite services they offered was free printing. .